Premium Quality Jasper and Gems for Commercial or Individual Purchase

Our objective with this site is to provide premium quality as well as some of the most beautiful and unique pieces of Jasper and Gems found anywhere in the world and bring it to your home or place of business

Wonde of Jasper

One of our many Exquisite pieces of Jasper that shows the complexity and depth of technicolor that Jasper of premium quality from our site can exhibit

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  • Premium Quality Semi-Precious Jasper from a New Mine Site located in the Heart of Wyoming

  • We have museum quality anomalies with inclusions such as botryoidal “grape” agate formations, crystallized geode pockets and some surfaces painted in rune like pictures from drussy and weatherized opalization.

  • Our material ranges from Small and intricately brilliant to large and spectacular bold

    Premium Quality Stone-Cutting Rough, Semi-Precious Jewelry Material, Extraordinary Tool Knapping Blanks, Museum & Collectors Quality Crystallization & Anomalies, Stone Sculpture’s Unprecedented Large Pods (30lbs+) of Jasper, Stunning Material for Home & Garden

    Décor & Crafts of all kinds,

    Natural Healing & Spiritual Focusing Stones,

    Hand Excavated directly from our New Mine Site for Commercial or Individual Purchase, Available by the Specimen or Pound, Bulk, Wholesale and Commercial Rates.

  • Professional Site & Deposit Assessment

"I visited the Jasper site for an entire day. The Jasper and colored chert deposits on these mining claims (75 acres total) covers approximately 5 acres including both placer (loose at surface) and lode deposits of cryptocrystalline quartz.

The deposit includes various color varieties: red (Jasper), yellow, greenish brown, greenish yellow, clear, and intricate mixtures of these colors. It is a dense high quality jasper with deep red colors. It appears perfect for creating stone tools (and polished semi-precious stones). The deposit is in Tertiary lake deposits of probable Miocene age (Split Rock Formation - 5-20 million years ago). They formed in a depositional environment formed by continual movement along a fault that helped create the acidic lake with periodic ash falls providing ideal conditions to deposit cryptocrystalline quartz interspersed between beds of freshwater limestone and overlying shale/mudstones. The primary deposit itself is on a hilltop. The chert beds occur as elongate pods (chert nodules), probably less than six inches thick, but dozens of feet laterally. Each pod may have slight or dramatic color varieties than the adjacent, overlying or underlying pods. Hundreds of these pods likely underlie the claims….. and buried pods may also be of very unique individual colors."

Dr. Kent Sundell

Dr Kent Sundell, PhD; Dean, Geology Department, Director of the Tate Museum

Casper College, Casper, Wyoming, Summer 2011

As a tool our Shoshone Jasper makes beautiful heritage style arrowheads, spear points, knife blades, scrapers and more.

One of America’s premier flint knapper

has worked and flaked our Shoshone Jasper with great precision, ease and success. He has praised our material for easily making extraordinary beautiful heritage reproduction points along with his own current styles of work. Jasper flaking blanks have been a trade item and a survival tool for a million years.

As a polished stone our Shoshone Jasper is only limited by the imagination of the stone worker. The variety, complexity and beauty of our Shoshone Jasper patterns, colors and combinations of materials give our material an infinite visual variety to choose from. We have had professional stone workers cut and polish our material and the universal consensus is that our materials exceed professional expectations. It cuts with ease and it polishes effortlessly to a mirror, “wet”, finish.

Cabochons, geometric shapes, intaglio carvings, sculpting and inlay work find astoundingly beautiful realization in our Shoshone Jasper that joyfully responds to the craftsman’s precision touch as our material dances in the sun light.

As an extraordinary stone our Shoshone Jasper has stunning translucent agate flowing within our stone.

Western sunrise and sunset colors and hues are replicated in our material. This “slabs” into splendid sections for decorative lamp and art projects, inlays, mantel fronts, kitchen back-splashes, showers and other home decor.

Our material was deposited in extensive chert pods that are atypical and world class in their large sizes.

We have material that is 8 inches thick and two+ feet long weighing 30 to 50 lbs.

These pods may have spectacular geodes and pockets of crystallization within them and patterns that have yet to see the light of day. Our Shoshone Jasper displays inclusions such as botryoidal “grape” agate formations and crystallized quartz geode pockets within the same specimen.


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This Wyoming Jasper comes from the recently discovered Shoshone Jasper Mine site deep inside the heart of Wyoming.

Our broad spectrum of colors include: dark blood reds to terracotta reds, mahoganies, caramels, browns, greens and gold’s.

Variations of our Shoshone Jasper include translucent agatetized bands as it flows with the liquid hues of the Wyoming landscapes, sunrises and sunsets.

Our Picture Jasper is in Technicolor, full of scenes and visions and spirits to be liberated by the craftsman’s skills.

The human experience is all about rocks.

We make tools, we build, we pray, we heal; we adorn ourselves and our world with rock.

We live on a rock.

Jasper is one of the 12 stone pillars of human development.

Jasper is one of the foundation stones of King Solomon’s temple.

Jasper is one of the orginal 12 stones of the 12 tribes of Israel.

Jasper is one of the 12 stones of the zodiac.

Jasper is one of the healing stones of the 7 chakras.

Crystalline Jasper is said to call the Angels. Jasper spears, arrows, scrapers and knife blades have fed and clothed humans for a million years.

Jasper and flint have lit the human cave with fire since the time of darkness.

We carve our beliefs, our loves and our symbols out of and into Jasper.

Native Americans, the First People, call Jasper the Blood of the Earth. We are thankful to the Great Spirit for our unique deposit of Jasper.

One of the oldest language groups in the northern Rocky Mountains is Shoshone and we honor our stone with this historic name; Shoshone Jasper.

Jasper is one of the more plentiful stones scattered around the planet, a good trait for a very useful rock.

There are many Jaspers available on the market from around the world and across America. Every jasper deposit is uniquely finite, useful and pleasing.

What makes any stone valuable is what makes our Shoshone Jasper valuable. What makes any stone semi-precious is what makes our Shoshone Jasper semi-precious.

Any Very Best Material Works Well, Shoshone Jasper: Cuts, Polishes, Engraves, Sculpts or Flakes to the highest professional standards. Any Very Best Material Has Great Beauty, Shoshone Jasper’s splendor is in its: purity of color, intriguing patterning and glistens as it dances in the light. It is pleasing to the eye, the mind and the hand. Other considerations that make any stone valuable are: robustness, rarity, dimensional volume “bigness”, genuineness, extraordinary properties and personal preference.

We have museum quality anomalies with inclusions such as botryoidal “grape” agate formations, crystallized geode pockets and some surfaces painted in rune like pictures from drussy and weatherized opalization.

The Alchemy between our material and the sun light generate visions of enchantment, divination and delight.

We mine our material using only historic methods and hand tools, personally selecting the material.

Geological Ancestry:
Chalcedony Group, Quartz family, Silicates Class, Chert Clan, and Jasper Tribe

Crystal System: Trigonal, Hardness: 7

Fractures: Conchoidal fracturing

Chemical Composition: (SiO2 + Fe, O) Silicon Dioxide with inclusions of Iron Oxide

"Brecciated"; it was broken at some time during its growth and during the healing process, whole quartz formed in the previously broken veins.

Traditionally, Jasper is defined as "A dense, opaque, microcrystalline variety of Quartz (SiO2 Silicon Dioxide), which is usually red, brown or yellow and colored by oxides of iron." A microcrystalline material is defined as a crystallized substance or rock which contains small crystals that are visible only through microscopic examination. Wikipedia While Agate is defined as a fibrous cryptocrystalline variety of Quartz (SiO2 Silicon Dioxide). Cryptocrystalline is identified as a "rock texture which is so finely crystalline, being made up of such minute crystals, that its crystalline nature is only vaguely revealed even microscopically in thin section by transmitted polarized light." Wikipedia.

Primary Chakra: Root, Sacral
Astrological sign(s): Aries, Scorpio
Vibration: Number 6

OUR FUTURE PLANS is all about selling Jasper and is also all about Wyoming and is also an Emporium of sorts.

In/at this site we will have a variety of other “Departments” for visitors to peruse.

1) We will have a retail Photo gallery featuring MEdwards’ collection of extraordinary photos of Wyoming High Desert Flora.

2) We will have a retail gallery featuring the incredible graphic work of Wyoming Graphic Artist George Vlastos with selections from his 30 years of Christmas card series & his political Cartoons series Kyoots published over 20 years.

3) We will have a retail gallery featuring other Artists and art forms as we expand

4) We will have a retail gallery of Wyoming, Western short stories: featuring the tails of “Jake & Dixie”

5) We will have a Wyoming Cyber Newspaper, “Wyoming Voices – Blowing in the Wind” featuring citizen generated editorials, blogging; citizen generated local news, cartooning, graphics, photos and other citizen driven content.

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Jasper Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery of Unique and Special museum quality pieces of Jasper as well as Gems that are for Sale at WyomingJasper